How To Write Better Blog Posts: In Recent Times

How To Write Better Blog Posts

How To Write Better Blog Posts: There are lots of rumours in the blogging world about the way of writing. But there is no definite pattern to write a good blog post.

After reading lots of blog post and doing research, I found some interesting ways to write a great blog post

BLOGGING TIPS (How To Write Better Blog Posts):

1) If you are on Blogger or Tumblr or another blogging platform, then first move on WordPress because there are some restriction on these platform in the form of features and also in the form of advertisement.

Example: On the blogger, you can put only Google AdSense ads not the others because blogger is a product of Google. But on WordPress, you can put other ads also together or alone like, Propeller ads etc.

2) Choose a topic for a blog post which is new, informative and useful for the visitors.

3) First of all, make a layout for your blog post on MS Word or on paper before writing a blog post. This way you can easily write a good blog post in a serial manner which would be easily understandable.

4) Before writing the blog posts do research on keywords. For this, you can use many tools but personally, I use Keywords Tool for keywords because if you use the keywords in your blog posts then Google would easily search means you would be on the first page of Google or maybe on the first place of the first page on Google.

5) Content is king but you also need to develop a good and interesting writing style to attract a global audience. Good writing is a gift that comes naturally to some of us. Means content and the way of presentation both together attract the audience, not the single one.

6) Try to make the paragraphs smaller means maximum four or five lines in one paragraph and also write informative and to the point. Use the images or screenshots related to the topic particularly related to the paragraph because it makes your blog attractive and also increases the readability. These images must be non-copyrighted.

7) Use the headings, sub-headings at a proper place because it increases the readability. Also use the different-different features to highlight the important things like bold, italic, colours, underlining and many more.

8) The title should be catchy and related to the content because it is the first thing that attracts the global audience. Use the keywords in the title also because it helps in searching.

9) Set a permalink which is searchable because there are many formats for permalink on blogging platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and also on WordPress.>write-better-blog-posts

10) Meta description also should be very catchy because it is also visible if somebody searches. You must use keywords in meta description also because it also helps in searching.

11) Always end your blog posts with questions or suggestions.

Example: If you know the other things about it then please let me know in the comments.

12) Make internal and external linking so that visitors can spend more time on your blog and get useful information. It is a win-win situation for you and also for your audience because you will get more traffic and spending time means revenue and visitors would get more useful information. Internal and external linking maybe within the paragraphs and/or between the paragraphs and/or at the end of the post.

13) Use the best thumbnail and also should be related to your post.

14) In last do editing, highlighting important things, changing colour, underlining important things, check grammar, and many more means first concentrate only on writing not on other things.

15) Try to finish your blog post around 1000 words so that people can engage yourself in reading. But there is no condition on the number of words to write a good blog post.

Here we will discuss some important things related to how to write better blog posts but not only to write a good blog post but also to get more traffic.

These things are important to get high traffic in a short span of time. You can also get high traffic without these but it would take more time.

1) After writing the blog post, promote it on different-different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.

2) Write on Quora but in short form and also give a link because if somebody clicks on that link then he/she would go on your website, directly. This way you can increase your audience base.

3) Make backlinks through guest posting and through comment because it increases the traffic. But try to maintain a definite ratio between do-follow and no-follow backlinks because both are necessary for any website or blog.

4) The speed of your blog also plays a very important role in increasing the traffic that’s why buy a server from a reputated company.

5) Delete unnecessary things from your blog because these things decrease the speed of your blog/website.

6) Your blog/website must be very simple so that visitors can access the required information very easily.

These are the best things to write a great blog post and get more traffic.

But follow own way of presentation to write good blog posts. The presentation may be of any type but these are the basic elements for all types of the blog post.

If you know some other things then please let me know the comments.

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